Tron Bike Street Legal Under 60k

TRON “Light Cycle” Bike, Street Legal & Under 60k

real tron cycle

The Tron Bike is an All Electric motorcycle born from the Sci-Fi movie Tron Legacy, Mostly known as the Tron Light Cycle. It is powered by a electric motor and runs on a lithium ion battery pack which can recharge in up to just 35 minutes. It has been known to reach a top speed of 100 mph and a range of 100 miles per charge. This Eco-friendly vehicle erases the causes of pollution given off by other vehicles that lowers the level of fossil fuels and gas emission in the atmosphere. This vehicle is manufactured in Florida by Parker Brothers  and is sold for the asking price of $55,000. Want to drive it? Scroll down to drive it now for free!!

Electric tron bike

Watch it in action!


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