Stealth Bomber Electric Dirt Bike, Insane 50MPH Zero Emission Trail King

The Stealth Bomber Electric Dirt Bike hits 50MPH, and it Hugs Trees


Stealth Electric Bikes redefine the ride experience. They are the toughest and most powerful hybrid electric bike available anywhere in the world.

Combining 4.5kW of electrical output with as much mechanical input as the rider is capable of, the Bomber electric bike displays phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing ability in any terrain. Pedal power is transmitted via its unique 9 speed sequential gearbox, with stopping taken care of by progressive 6 or 8 pot hydraulic disc brakes. Heavy duty long travel suspension soaks up the hits and allows the rider to maintain high speed stability leaving the Bomber electric bike in a class of its own.

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Stealth Bomber Electric Bike 2

Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

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Stealth Bomber Electric Bike Specifications

« USA » Mode Engaged : 20 mph
« Competition » Mode Engaged : 50 mph

Range : Up to 50 miles
Noise @ 50 km/h : 65 dB

« USA » Peak Power Engaged : 750 Watts
« Competition » Peak Power Engaged : 4.500 Watts

Motor Type : Brushless DC
Battery Type : LiFePO4/800 cycle
Battery Capacity : 1.5kWh
Recharge Time : 2 hours
Charge : Standard 110-240V

Drive Train
Transmission : 9 Speed sequential gearbox

Front Travel Standard : 180mm
(upgraded : 200mm)
Rear Travel : 250 mm

Front Hydraulic Standard : 6 pot – 203mm
(upgraded : 8 pot – 203mm)
Rear Hydraulic Standard : 6 pot – 203mm
(upgraded : 8 pot – 203mm)
Weight : 116 lbs (env. 53kg)

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It wont look exactly like the a Stealth Electric Bike.. But you can build your own awesome eBike for a lot less than you think..