Polaris Vector eBike Features Regenerative Braking

Polaris Vector eBike Features Regenerative Braking and Other High End Technologies That Only a Select Few Manufacturers Can Offer

Polaris Vector eBike

Through their partnership with EVantage, POLARIS now presents the a new standard in electric bicycles. POLARIS electric bicycles are powered by the EVantage DuoDrive motor system, along with other proprietary technologies, resulting in better performance and efficiency.

Polaris Vector Moving ebike

The VECTOR combines rugged, ground up design with the high performance Evantage motor system. The result is a go-anywhere bike that delivers the speed, range, and dependability needed to go from an urban to suburban environment without missing a step.
The ARC Regen system is an energy recovery system that captures power  and returns it to the bike’s battery supply.  Although POLARIS electric bicycles are designed to empower your ride, there are times when you can power the system.  The system captures power during the braking process, or when your speeds exceed 19MPH, and returns that power to the battery supply.  The DuoDrive motor is triggered by a sensor in either the brake lever or onboard computer, and acts as a generator to create power for the battery.  The electric bike battery is activated during periods where the power generation will not negatively impact your ride experience, and can generate power levels of up to 100 Watts resulting in extended range.  The IC dashboard alerts you that you have entered an ARC Regen period on the display.  The battery supply meter will begin to flash, accompanied by the words REGEN.  When you see this flashing, you know that not only does your POLARIS ebike have the power to move you, but also has power generated by you.

Polaris eBike Specifications

  • Motor: 450 watt DuoDrive™ Brushless System
  • Motor Placement: MidDrive or Rear Hub System
  • Battery: 29.6V 6aHR Lithium ProRide™ In Frame Battery (UL Listed)
  • Charger: UL Listed Smart Charger
  • Throttle: Custom Evantage™ Thumb Throttle
  • Assist. Modes: Pedal Assist & Power on Demand (Eco, Normal, Sport)
  • Speed: Up to 18 MPH Motor Assisted
  • Range: 15-30 Miles per Charge (depending on rider weight, terrain, and mode)
  • Regeneration: Automatic Braking/Excess Speed Battery Regeneration

Learn More About The Polaris Vector Electric Bike

Learn More About The Polaris Vector Electric Bike