Mando Footloose First Chainless Folding eBike

Mando Footloose Folding Chainless Electric Bike Can Be Charged By Pedaling, and Has Full Auto Gear Shifting

The Mando Footloose eBike is blessed with good looks and is chock full of revolutionary eBike technology. For starters, when folded the eBike is portable enough to go in the trunk, pull along like a rolling suitcase, and go on a train, bus, etc. It’s designed without a chain to reduce weight and noise, which results in easier and quicker folding. These are great features but the Mando Footloose ebike’s “pies de resistance” has to be its built in generator technology, you can charge the battery by pedaling!

Mando Footloose

Mando Footloose Technical Specifications


Mando FootlooseMondo Footloose BlackMondo Footloose Chainless eBike


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