AUDI eBike Reaches 50 MPH

AUDI 50 MPH E-Bike

fast audi ebike

AUDI is entering the E-Bike scene with a tech packed, 50 MPH, super-light carbon fiber framed Electric Bicycle that just happens to be a Wi-Fi hotspot. They have dubbed it the Wörthersee. The lithium Ion battery charges in 2.5 hours and provides juice for a 2.3 kW electric motor, that’s 2,300 Watts of exhilarating E-Power! The Wörthersee E-Bike has a SEGWAY-Like mode for effortless wheelies and varyious stunts.

audi electric bike

It wont look exactly like the Audi eBike.. But you can build your own awesome eBike for a lot less than you think..