Which E-Bike is right for you

Simple E-Bike Buyers Guide, Which E-Bike is right for you

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As the Electric Bike Market expands and the choices grow, it becomes more complicated a decision to purchase the E-bike that suits your needs and tastes. The main factors to consider when shopping for an E-Bike are as follows:

  • PowerHow many Watts is the electric motor ). Common wattage is 250 Watts, 450, 500, 650, 750 etc. If you put much importance on speed, a higher wattage motor like 650 to 1000 Watts is the choice for you. But the cost of this speed is shorter range. If your priority is range then you should opt for a medium power motor like those with 250 or 350 Watts.
  • Range ( Battery life / Distance after each charge ). Sealed Lead Acid batteries are still common but not prefered as they offer less range and can be quite heavy. The Lithium ION (li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are prefered and are gaining popularity as they offer more power despite minimal weight and size. The Lead Acid batteries will cease popularity soon because the Lithium ION battery packs are getting cheaper every year.
  • Commute ( your daily route to work or home ) If you intend on using your E-Bike as a commuter you definitely should look for bikes with higher ranges like 20+ miles per charge. High range is achieved by having a motor with less power and a larger battery pack. Just remember to not have too little power as inadequate power may be frightening in high traffic areas.
  • Pedal Assist VS Throttle Control ( Automatic or manual power delivery ) Many of the cheaper electric bikes use throttle control  and allow you to variably decide to just go by pedal power, pedal with the electric motor helping, or just using the electric motor to pull you along.
  • Environmental Impact ( How bad it is for Mother Earth ) Electric bikes are not as ” GREEN” or environmentally friendly as the basic bicycle but they are MUCH GREENER” than cars, motorcycles, and scooters.
  • Comfort and Size ( Frame, Tire, and Suspension). Body styles, suspension technology, and tire types vary according to the purpose and riding environment. Below are examples of different body styles.

Electric Cruiser Bike                           Electric Mountain Bike                        Foldable Electric Bike