Wave Performance eBike Hits 28MPH $549.00

Wave Performance eBike Hits 28MPH $549.00 Via IndieGoGo Crowdfunding

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750 W

Amazing Hill Climbing
28 mph

Top of the Line
52+ miles

Best in Class



The World’s Most Affordable Electric Bike Ever!

The Wave eBike is revolutionizing the electric bike market! This super low priced eBike is packed with features, including an incredibly powerful 750-Watt motor with a 28 MPH top speed and cross-functional, all-purpose tires. The Wave eBike has an effective range of over 52 miles!

As an added bonus to our backers, the more Wave eBikes we sell the lower your shipping price becomes. Right now, the most you will ever pay for shipping is $199 within the USA and $250 internationally. This is the eBike best deal ever offered to the public!


Wave eBike Features

Top of the line specs at the lowest price ever.

The Wave eBike offers a comfortable and stylish designed packed with features you’d expect to find in electric bikes costing $2,000 to $3,000.


Any place, any time.

Want to get from point A to point B? Now you can get there in style…and you won’t be exhausted when you get there. Or just cruise for over 52 miles without a destination in mind! Riding the Wave eBike, you can transport yourself with ease around the city, to the beach, work, and to anywhere your heart desires. The Wave eBike can tackle sand, grass, dirt, or pavement. It’s a full-package, sustainable transportation solution!

Powerful Hub Motor

Long Lasting Samsung Battery

The Wave eBike comes standard with a 48-volt 750-watt hub motor, which means no maintenance, no issues, and a bike that propels you at speeds up to 28 mph. The Wave eBike offers hill climbing like no other! Equipped with a 48-volt 12-Amp hour (Ah) battery with Samsung cells, you’ll be riding for 50% longer than on the vast majority of electric bikes. Our tests have reached ranges of over 52 miles on a single charge with pedal assist!

Lowest Price EVER!

100% Street Legal

We encourage you to shop around for other eBikes just to prove how drastically low we are pricing our Wave eBike. Even with a go-to-market MSRP of $999 you will have a really hard time finding anything else priced this low and definitely not with the top speed and range that the Wave eBike offers. With no type of license required, our Wave eBike allows you to ride freely wherever you live, confident that you’re in compliance with all the rules of the road. (The one exception is New York, where electric bikes and scooters aren’t street legal, but even there, you can still enjoy the Wave at your local park or on biking trails).

All Purpose


The Wave eBike was designed around the concept of a typical beach cruiser, with added comfort and durability (not to mention the battery and motor to make it an electric bike). With fully cross-functional tires, the Wave eBike allows you to ride through the city, along the beach, and everywhere in between. No matter what your mood may be, the Wave eBike can tackle the terrain of your choice. Sit back and relax with the twist of the throttle and cruise on the fully electric motor, or pedal on your own as you would with a classic bicycle. For maximum range, use hybrid mode by pedaling while using the electric motor.





What people are saying…

“The bike looks really good. Especially for the price. I really hope that you guys crush it!”

Greg F., Manager, ElectricBikeAction.com

“Sounds like a great bike!”

Gina P., Writer, Mashable.com

“I’m excited about the Wave eBike. This looks like an extremely promising means of urban and suburban transportation that would also be of use to outdoorsmen types looking for an alternative means of moving across large distances and among unpredictable obstacles.”

Phil E., Publisher, TheMartialist.com



We are so confident in our Wave eBike that we’ve extended the warranty from a 30-day warranty to a full ONE YEAR! This means that if any parts break due to non-human error during your first year of ownership, we will happily send you brand new replacement parts at no cost to you!


26.95 Miles Video Proof

Claiming the Wave eBike can go 26 miles on fully electric mode without ever having to pedal is easy to say, but we wanted to prove it. To do that, we recorded a full electric roundtrip ride from Manhattan Beach, California to Santa Monica. Watch the video for yourself and see just how far the Wave eBike can really go!


28+ MPH Video Proof

Top speed is an important factor in evaluating an electric bicycle. We proved how far the Wave would go, but we also wanted to prove how fast it would get you there. The Wave eBike does 28 MPH effortlessly and even goes 29-30 MPH for short bursts!


The Specs – The Basics

Style: Cruiser
Transmission: Single-Speed
Brakes: V
Seat: Under Springs + Quick Release Height Adjustment
Lighting: Front LED Lights / Rear Reflector
Fenders: Front & Rear
Kickstand: Center
Warranty: 1 Year All Parts



The Specs – Frame

Frame: Steel Beach Cruiser Frame
Handlebar: Black Painted Alloy Cruiser
Fork: Steel



The Specs – Wheels

Wheels: 26″ x 2.10″ Beach Cruiser Rims with Metallic Spokes
Tires: 26″ x 2.10″ (32 PSI)
Tubes: 26″ x 2.10″ 48mm Valve



The Specs – Performance

Motor: 48-Volt 750-Watts
Battery: 48-Volt 12Ah with Samsung Cells
Top Speed
(Pedal Assist):
30 mph
Top Speed
(Fully Electric):
28 mph
52+ miles
(Fully Electric):
26 miles
Throttle Type: 3-Level Cadence Sensor With Pedal Assist

Sure 28 mph (45 km/hr) seems pretty fast, and it is for a bicycle, but the real benefit is the efficiency of riding at a more moderate 20 mph. Electric bikes like the Wave are most efficient when used at roughly 80% of maximum power. Typical competitors’ e-bikes have maximum speeds of around 20 mph, which means that they are most efficient at maybe 16 mph. Riding them at 100% power output (20 mph) drains their batteries quickly. The Wave e-Bike is most efficient when ridden at 20 mph, which is the perfect speed to cruise all day long.






Affordably Priced for Everyone. Delivered Direct to Your Doorstep.

Production Begins: May 1, 2015
Shipping Begins: June 15, 2015
Deliveries: July 2015

We plan to send the first shipments mid-June, which means you should receive your Wave eBike sometime in July. That’s just in time for Summer!



With some amazing feedback from super cool customers like yourself, we are ready to offer some amazing new features to the Wave eBike. We also plan to provide the local community with an opportunity to be part of an exciting new experience- and at a fraction of the price anyone else has ever offered.


See For Yourself @ Demo Days

We know how exciting it is to see, touch, feel, and experience a new product which is why we plan to host multiple demonstration events in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Once we announce the dates, times, and locations we welcome everyone to come out and experience the brand new Wave eBike first hand!


Bonus Features

With enough funding we will be able to offer optional paid upgrades along with FREE upgrades to the Wave eBike. This may include additional color options, 6-speed gears, lights, solar panel charging, bigger batteries, quick release wheels, different seat options, and much more. So, the more we raise, the more fun and exciting the brand new Wave eBike becomes!




Retro Bike Horn


Since you’ll probably be passing by all the other slow bikers on your fast new Wave Electric Bike, you’re going to want a way to alert people ahead that you’re passing them. Sure, we are generous and are including a free bike bell with all Wave eBikes, but having a horn is just one step beyond just having a bell. Plus it’s fun, silly, and just down right awesome!

Quick Release Front Wheel Upgrade


Want to remove your front wheel from your new Wave eBike quick and easily for transporting the bike in your trunk or for better storage? With the quick release front wheel upgrade, your Wave eBike will come with a front wheel that’s super easy to take on and off. Just check out the instructional video above demonstrating how to use the quick release feature on the front wheel of a standard bike, which will work the same on the Wave eBike if you purchase this upgrade!

Bike Lock Cable with Keys


You lock your car and home, right? So why not lock your precious new Wave Electric Bike with this sweet cable coil lock that comes with two sets of keys! Perfect for locking your Wave eBike on the go!

Front Removable Basket


It’s not easy to carry all your belongings on the go without a bulky backpack. You don’t want to worry about things falling out of your pockets when riding, especially when traveling the long distances the Wave eBike makes possible. That’s why we’re offering this awesome black metal basket as an additional perk. It’s perfect for all your stuff, like your keys, phone, wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, books, and even small dogs!

Extra Battery Charger


Want to leave a battery charger at home and another at work or someplace else? There’s nothing like having multiple options for charging locations, which is why we’re offering the option to purchase an additional battery charger. This 2Ah battery charger will fully charge your standard 12Ah Wave eBike battery in 5-6 hours when fully drained!

Upgraded Battery Charger


No one likes waiting around for a battery to charge, so that’s why we’re offering an upgraded battery charger which will charge your Wave e-Bike battery in half the amount of time as the standard charger. This means you can get a full charge in just 2-3 hours!

Upgraded Mega Battery


Riding long distances gets even better with the upgraded mega battery that we’re offering as an additional perk. With this 15.4 Ah battery you’ll be able to ride 28% farther than with the standard Wave e-Bike battery. This means you’ll be able to ride over 34 miles on fully electric mode without ever having to pedal, all on a single charge!

Camouflage Upgrade


Camouflage is an awesome way to stand out on your new Wave Electric Bike. With this newly added perk, your Wave eBike will come painted in this sweet “Camo” design!

Extra 12Ah Battery


So you want to extend your range twice as far with an extra battery? Smart choice! Or maybe you want to always have a battery charged and ready to go after you get done riding! This 48-Volt 12Ah battery is the same standard 12Ah battery with Samsung cells that comes with your new Wave eBike, which allows you to go 26 miles on full electric mode, or 52 miles with pedal assist mode. That means if you ride with your standard battery and this spare battery, you’ll be able to go 52-104 miles!




APRIL 2015
MAY 2015
JUNE 2015
JULY 2015





Q. How is your eBike so cheap? How is the quality?
A. With many, many years of manufacturing and procurement experience we have worked with multiple manufacturing companies overseas to provide high quality parts at a very steep discount, but only if we order in bulk quantities. We made sure not to sacrifice quality in designing and building the Wave eBike. In the process, we successfully developed the world’s most affordable eBike ever.

Q. Is the Wave eBike just meant for cruising along the beach?
A. No, absolutely not. The Wave eBike was inspired by beach-goers, which means it has comfort in mind, but it does not sacrifice performance or stability in any way. The Wave eBike is perfect for every day commuting or for joy riding in neighborhoods, parks, main streets, bike paths, and anywhere you can imagine riding.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A. Yes, absolutely. We are offering a one (1) year warranty on all parts for “non-human” damage. This means any defective parts we will replace within the 1st year.

Q. How is the Wave eBike made?
A. With years of sourcing and procurement experience we have worked with multiple suppliers throughout the world to negotiate the best possible pricing on each part to the Wave eBike which allows us to offer a very, very low-priced eBike without sacrificing quality.

Q. What is the maximum rider weight limit?
A. We tested the Wave eBike with riders up to 255 pounds with no problems. Maximum recommended weight is 300 pounds.

Q. What are the minimum & maximum rider heights?
A. There are no absolute minimums or maximums, but comfortably speaking the seat adjusts to allow for riders between 4’11” and 6’7″. The seat extends 8″ which puts the seat 41 inches above the ground. The minimum seat height is 33 inches from the ground.

Q. How much does the Wave eBike weigh?
A. Approximately 50 Lbs (22.7 Kg) without the battery.

Q. Does the Wave eBike come assembled?
A. You will receive your new Wave eBike 90% assembled. All you will need to do is twist and tighten the handlebars, tighten the front wheel, plug in the seat and pedals and tighten. The shipping container would be much larger (think of the handlebars and pedals in place) with 100% assembly, so shipping the eBike only 90% assembled allows us to cut costs and pass the savings to you.

Q. Does the Wave eBike come with fenders??
A. Yes. The Wave eBike comes with color matching fenders for the front and rear wheels so you can ride over wet surfaces without worrying about getting wet from tire spray. You can easily remove both fenders by removing a couple of screws. We have included photos here of the Wave eBike with and without fenders so you can get an idea of the look in both situations.


Q. How fast does the Wave eBike really go?
A. Pretty fast. 30 mph with pedal assist or 28 mph on fully electric mode.

Q. How do I know when to head back home before losing battery power?
A. Simple. With an included LED display on the handlebars, you’ll know exactly how much power your Wave eBike battery has left at any given point. When the LED display shows that you have 50% battery life remaining it’s time to head back home. And even if you do run out of battery power, the Wave eBike is still a bike! You can pedal home even without the motor running.

Q. How far can I go on a full battery charge?
A. Far, really far. Over 52 miles, in fact, with pedal assist, and over 26 miles on electric mode alone. With a fully charged battery, you will be able to cruise distances unlike you’ve ever cruised before. While most people probably won’t need to go 52+ miles in a single session, this just means that you’ll be able to use your Wave eBike on normal short-medium distance trips several times before you need to re-charge it back up again.

Q. Does the Wave eBike climb up steep hills?
A. Absolutely. We have ridden many eBikes that struggled climbing most hills and that was one of our biggest pet peeves. We made sure to design a motor strong enough to climb almost any hill on fully electric mode. Our 750-watt motor is more than double the wattage of typical eBikes and is the feature of the eBike motor that determines acceleration and power to climb hills. Why ride a 350W or 500W eBike when you can get a 750W Wave eBike at a lower price than those lesser performing electric bikes?

Q. How does the Wave eBike handle on sand, grass, or dirt?
A. Amazingly. We made sure to prove that this electric beach cruiser could actually cruise on a beach, so we tested it on the sand with amazing results. Grass and dirt are no problem either and make riding the Wave eBike so much more fun.

Q. How long does it take to go from a dead stop to top speed?
A. Depending on the rider’s weight, it usually takes about 15-20 seconds to reach the top speed of 28 mph, but only about 7-9 seconds to reach 20 mph.

Q. How often do I need to replace the brakes and/or tires?
A. The great thing about the Wave eBike is that the brakes and tires last just as long as any other similar cruiser or bicycle. It really comes down to how often you use your Wave eBike (and the type of use).

Q. How long does the battery last?
A. Our tests show that a fully charged battery can last up to 3 hours on a single charge. This is based on a slower speed, but if your goal is to cruise as long as possible then this is the best option. If your goal is to travel as far as possible our tests we have found that the battery is most efficient (longest distance traveled) at 80% power and you will be able to go 52+ miles with pedal assist or 28+ miles on electric motor alone.

Q. How long does it take to charge the battery?
A. 5-6 hours when completely dead with the standard Wave eBike battery charger. Upgrade to our fast charging battery charger and charge your Wave eBike battery in 2-3 hours.

Q. What are the battery specifications?
A. 48 Volt 12Ah Lithium-Ion battery with long distance in mind. With the ability to be charged hundreds and hundreds of times without noticeable loss in max capacity, the Wave e-Bike battery lasts a really, really long time. With no memory effect, you can don’t have to wait until the battery is completely dead to charge it and you don’t have to charge it fully either. The battery uses high quality Samsung cells with a 2000mah rating.
Full Electric Range: Over 26 miles (depending on rider weight)
Hybrid Pedal/Electric Range: Over 52 miles (depending on rider weight)

Q. Do you offer a 220V and 240V battery charger for other places like Europe and Australia?
A. Yes! We are offering 120V, 220V, and 240V charging adapters. We will be sending an email to all our backers at the end of the campaign with a survey to gather you shipping address, desired eBike color, and charger preference.


Q. What are the motor specs?
A. 48V 750 Watts. Voltage generally is used to determine top speed. 48V equates to a top speed of 28 mph. Wattage generally is used to determine the power to accelerate, bear additional weight loads, and hill climbing ability. 750 Watts equates to a quick acceleration, ability to support riders or a total weight well over 250 pounds, and the ability to climb steep inclined hills without having to pedal (we tested no problem up 14% grade inclines).

Q. What happens if I get a flat tire?
A. The same as any other bicycle. You can replace the inner tube, patch it, or use a self sealing inflator like “Fix-a-Flat”. We recommend changing the inner tube for best results.

Q. Is this a single speed bicycle or does it have gears?
A. Single speed.

Q. Does the battery lock to the bike at all?
A. Yes! The battery comes with a key (and a duplicate key) so you can lock the battery to the battery rack for safety and security.

Q. Can the battery be easily removed and charged inside my house?
A. Absolutely! The battery can easily be removed simply by unlocking it with your key, unplugging the power cord, and then pulling the battery out from the back. There’s even a collapsable handle to hold the battery super easily!


Q. Where can the Wave eBike be used in the USA?
A. As far as we know, only New York and New York City disallow electric bikes and scooters. Please do be sure to check your local laws to stay street legal, though.

Q. Do I need a special permit or license?
A. The short answer is no. There is no special license or permit required to operate or own an electric bike, but certain cities like NYC do not allow electric bikes altogether, so it is best for you to check with your local authority regarding safe and legal operation of e-bikes.

Q. Do I need any safety equipment?
A. Check your local laws for helmet regulations and other safety requirements. We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet when riding the Wave eBike.


Q. How fast is the shipping?
A. We are doing our best to get our backers their Wave eBikes as quickly as possible. Right now we are targeting to ship all backers their eBike this Summer, hopefully by the end of July.

Q. Can I pick-up my Wave eBike locally?
A. Even though we are based in Manhattan Beach, CA, our manufacturing is done overseas, which is why the price is so low. If we get enough local orders, we may be able to offer local pick-up, but we will keep you posted. Stay tuned.


Q. What about replacement parts?
A. A successful campaign means a long-lasting business with ongoing development and support. We plan on offering replacement parts, but even better is the fact that tires, tubes, pedals, and many other parts can be purchased at your local bike shop.

Q. How do you handle refunds?
A. Things happen, we get it and we will do everything we can to be fair and just. Indiegogo stipulates in their Terms that all contributions are non-refundable, but upon successful completion of our campaign we work one-on-one with backers to determine appropriate refunds if applicable.





It’s the people that make us succeed. With over 25 years of combined business and manufacturing experience, the Wave eBike team includes a business guru with a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology along with a manufacturing and marketing genius.


Aaron Brady, Ph.D / CEO
Organizational Psychologist & Business Guru
Justin Bransmit / Co-Founder
Manufacturing & Marketing Genius


Aaron grew up in the MidWest, but with a passion for surfing and the outdoors he took a trip across the country and established himself in sunny southern California. With a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience developing organizations through strategic insight and people processes. As an entrepreneur and engineer at heart, Aaron joined and developed a multitude of start-up companies over the past decade and knows how to develop and launch a successful concept or product from the ground up.

With a passion for motorized vehicles, Aaron decided to get his pilot’s license a few years back. While perusing the Los Angeles coastline he noticed a staggering number of people enjoying the beautiful coastline on their bicycles. So he thought, why not make an already enjoyable hobby of bike riding even more enjoyable AND efficient? The problem was that so many electric bikes are very expensive, at least for the desired specs. So, Aaron spent countless hours working with dozens of manufacturers throughout the world to develop an affordable electric bike capable of an amazing top speed and outstanding range. That’s how the Wave eBike came about!

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