Tough Midrive Electric Fatbike From iGo

Tough Midrive Electric Fatbike From iGo Tackles Tough Trails


 An awesome electric Fatbike from iGo.


The German engineered MPF eBike drive system offers great performance, range, and reliability.

Mid-motor technology means that it is mounted in the centre lowest point of the eBike to offer superior balance and weight distribution.
It powers the chain which, magnified by the use of the gears, provides up to 70 NM hill climbing torque in any gear while maintaining low power consumption.

This all-metal gear powerplant houses the gearbox, controller, and sensors measuring torque, cadence, and speed hundreds of times per second to offer an exhilarating ride through any terrain.


The handlebar-mounted backlit multifunctional display communicates with the battery and motor through CANBUS technology. One cable hidden in the frame with waterproof connectivity allows for easy maintenance and software updates. You can select from 10 levels of assistance or no assist. The system calculates your riding consumption based on terrain and assistance level to continuously display how far you can travel in real time. Walk mode, USB port, battery meter, AMP +, Trip timer, speedometer, and odometer.


The new no-shock side-mounting battery system is an innovation in itself. It is lithium 36 volt 11.6 ah, offering 418 watt hours of power and can be charged on or off the eBike. It was designed to mount sideways into its holder so that the conventional eBike geometry could be respected without compromise.

It’s both lightweight and powerful and incorporates a battery meter for state of charge when off the eBike.