Stigo Electric Scooter is Fast and Foldable

Stigo Electric Scooter is Fast, Foldable, Portable, and Looks Awesome

Stigo is the world’s fastest-folding electric scooter that can be taken along wherever one wishes to go – a restaurant, apartment, on public transportation or a small elevator.

This novel, max 25 km/h electric scooter weighs only 17 kg and its footprint is mere 45×40 cm when folded.

Stigo gives you ultimate commuting freedom as well as smiles from people in the streets.

Stigo Folding E-Bike

SPECIFICATIONS:Stigo Portable E-Bike

Speeds up to 25 km/h
Weighs 17 kg
Folds up in 2 seconds with footprint a mere 45×40 cm
250W hub motor
36V LiFePO4 battery
Drives up to 40 km with a single charge
L1e-B street legal electric scooter
Doesn’t need parking space
Can be charged from a regular outlet

Stigo Electric Scooter

Interested? Learn More at the Stigo Bike website

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