Marrs Electric Cycles the Hot Rods of Clean Energy

Influenced by generations of fabricators and kustom builders, Marrs captures the So-Cal Look

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Marrs Electric Cycles has encapsulated the style and influence from generations of hot rodders, kustom builders and fabricators. The look that was born in Southern California has become a world phenomenon. Car builders, clothing lines, low-brow artist and even interior designers have fashioned from the hot rod style. Until now, electric bikes have been mundane, utilitarian and geeky.

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As with so many unique ideas and concepts, Marrs Electric Cycles was born in a small garage of Orange County, California. The cycles are the brainchild of Kacy Marrs, who is a bicycle/motorcycle enthusiast who likes to tinker.  Marrs saw other bikes that were just conversions of beach cruisers or mountain bikes. Marrs felt these bikes had no soul and were just motors added to an existing frame. The Marrs Electric Cycle is hand built from the frame up. Marrs teamed with a true hot rod innovator and businessman, Brad Fanshaw who has helped to build several California companies. The team is working to establish Marrs as a leader in electric vehicle design, innovation and craftsmanship.

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Proudly, each Marrs Electric Cycle is hand crafted in Southern California from the finest materials. The frame, forks and handlebars are constructed of 4130 chromoly tubing with specially designed dropouts and filler panels. The cycle makes use of motorcycle- quality components such as the wheels, tires, hubs, seat and controls. Using these motorcycle-quality components add to the style, stability and ruggedness of the design. Utilizing a superior quality 3-piece pedal crank set and hydraulic disc brake, the cycles are easy to ride.  The power system in the Marrs Cycles is a brushless 3-phase DC rear-hub motor, which is driven by a computer managed 48V/20AH Lithium battery. The components are all housed in an air-cooled aluminum battery box.

Measuring approximately 36” from ground to handlebar the Marrs Electric Cycles weigh 140 lbs with basic equipment.  An average rider (175lbs) can expect a speed of 20-25 M.P.H. and a range of 20 miles on flat ground. Marrs Electric Cycle are each built-to-order in our Anaheim design studio. A variety of options and custom components can be ordered.

Marrs Electric Cycles are individually constructed electric bicycles that are Made In The U.S.A.

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